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About Us

Our Industry Bringing Work On Since 2002.

Grand Finish products provide high quality for glazed railings and handrails requiring fine detail design.
Made of high grade stainless steel, the grand finish products line provides a cohesive aesthetic for glazed railings requiring an exposed connecting system for applications where design detail and quality is paramount.

Why Choose Us

If there is one area customers want some clarity on it has to be on Transparency. Grand Finish encourages a SPOC based delivery model. This would mean that the client always knows the stage of product delivery. Client can track and monitor his project completion resulting in immense confidence building. Also various nuances can be built in right at the product development stage resulting in a robust and custom made product. This effectively sets realistic expectation resulting in a satisfied customer.
If you’re going to be stupid, you have to be tough!Clients at the end of the day would feel proud to be associated with Grand Finish. We are here to do ethical and right business. No short cut, if a longer route has to be taken for our clients, so be it– we are willing to go the whole hog. Grand Finish does not believe in getting into the ‘Promise more, deliver less’ mode. We intend to promise what we can deliver.
Managing costs is as much as our need as yours. Grand Finish would translate the cost benefits it would accrue from the various methods it would adapt directly to its end client, resulting in a competitive priced delivery.
Grand Finish is an organization of dynamic engineers who are ever willing to learn. This means we are and insist on adopting best practices in the industry. That means our client gets the best of best.
Grand Finish would like to develop a long term and trust based relation with its clients. This can be achieved we know only through the deliverance of top of the line solutions. Our core focus would be to support current and future application needs of clients through continuous innovation and excellent support.